Using Content Moderation in the PheedLoop Virtual Portal and Event App!
October 3, 2023

Events have evolved in many ways over the years, especially with the integration of technology and the rise of virtual gatherings. One significant enhancement has been the ability to encourage attendees to engage and create content through social feeds. However, with this open platform comes the responsibility to moderate and manage the content for various reasons, such as ensuring appropriateness and preserving valuable information.

PheedLoop recognizes the importance of content moderation in the virtual event space. In this feature blog post, we will explore PheedLoop's Event Feed Moderation capabilities, highlighting how event organizers can seamlessly moderate and control the content shared within their events. Whether it's requiring approval for all content posts, editing and removing posts, or downloading event feed content, PheedLoop offers a suite of tools to help event admins maintain a high-quality event experience.

Require Approval for all Content Posts in the Event Feed

One of the fundamental features of PheedLoop's content moderation is the ability to require approval for all content posts in the event feed. This option provides event organizers with a layer of control over what appears in the event's social feed.

How It Works

In the PheedLoop dashboard, event admins have the option to enable content approval. When activated, any content posted by attendees will not immediately appear in the event feed. Instead, it goes through a review process where an event admin must manually approve the post. During this time, attendees are informed that their post is in review and will be posted shortly.


  • Enhanced Control: This feature is especially useful when you want to ensure that all content aligns with your event's guidelines and policies.
  • Quality Assurance: It allows for a dedicated team member to review and curate content, ensuring that only high-quality posts make it to the event feed.
  • Prevent Inappropriate Content: By requiring approval, event organizers can proactively prevent inappropriate or off-topic content from being displayed.
It's important to note that this feature is optional, and many events choose to allow all posts to be automatically added to the platform in real-time for a more immediate and dynamic social feed experience.

Edit, Remove, or Archive Posts in the Event Feed

PheedLoop's content moderation capabilities extend beyond post approval. Event admins also have the power to edit, remove, or archive posts in the event feed, granting them the ability to curate the content and maintain a cohesive event environment.

Editing Posts and Comments

As an event admin, you can edit the content of a post or comments in real-time through the PheedLoop dashboard. This editing capability allows you to make adjustments to posts to enhance clarity, correct inaccuracies, or improve the overall quality of the content. Additionally, you can edit or delete comments made by attendees in response to posts, ensuring that the conversation remains constructive and respectful.

Removing Posts and Comments

Event admins have the authority to remove both posts and comments from the event feed. This feature can be invaluable in situations where content violates event guidelines, contains offensive material, or is no longer relevant. The ability to swiftly remove such content helps maintain the event's integrity and ensures a positive experience for all attendees.

Archiving Posts

Sometimes, you may want to preserve content without displaying it in the event feed. PheedLoop allows event admins to archive posts by "unapproving" them. This action effectively saves the content without making it visible to attendees. Archiving can be useful for keeping a record of valuable information or for handling posts that are no longer relevant to the event's current activities.

Download Event Feed Content

PheedLoop recognizes the importance of event data and content beyond the duration of the event itself. Event organizers often want to retain event feed content for post-event analysis, reporting, or archiving purposes. To cater to these needs, PheedLoop offers event admins the ability to bulk download all event feed content and posts.

What You Can Download

As an event admin, you can access and download various components of the event feed content:

  • Posts: You can download all posts made by attendees, which include text, images, and any associated links.
  • Comments: The downloadable content also includes comments on posts, ensuring that the entire conversation history is available for reference.
  • Image Links: PheedLoop provides links to the actual images shared in the event feed, allowing you to access and archive visual content easily.

This comprehensive download capability ensures that event organizers have access to all the valuable data generated during the event, facilitating post-event analysis, content preservation, and reporting.

Wrap Up

Content moderation is a vital aspect of managing virtual events, ensuring that the event feed remains a valuable, engaging, and safe space for attendees. PheedLoop's Event Feed Moderation capabilities empower event organizers to effectively control and curate the content shared within their events. Whether it's requiring approval for posts, editing and removing content, or downloading event feed data, PheedLoop provides a robust set of tools to enhance the event experience for both organizers and attendees.

In the ever-evolving landscape of virtual events, having a reliable content moderation system in place is essential. With PheedLoop, event organizers can strike the perfect balance between fostering attendee engagement and maintaining the integrity and professionalism of their events. Embrace the power of content moderation with PheedLoop and elevate your virtual event experiences to new heights.

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