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Unlock Global Reach With PheedLoop's Inclusive Multi-Language Features!

Say goodbye to clunky multi-language features and tap into our native full-text support for multiple languages! PheedLoop ensures a seamless experience for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events, providing an accessible and global user experience.

The multi-language feature on PheedLoop
Trusted By 4,000+ Companies Since 2015
Native translations

Supports 14+ Languages Natively

Unlike other applications where you have to create translated content side-by-side, PheedLoop has in-place translations natively built right into the platform!

Choose from 14+ different languages: English, French, German, Chinese, Arabic, Afrikaans, Danish, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish
Create event experiences in a language of your choosing versus using English as the default
Available in the PheedLoop Go! Mobile App, Virtual Portal, and Event Website
Request additional languages for us to accommodate your event!
Free to use!

Static Custom Translations

Everything that’s built into the PheedLoop system can be translated into various languages.

Pen icon
Overwrite anything
Tailor translations to your preferences, as we support a wide range of dialects and languages
Setting icon
Replace default words
Replace default words and phrases with your own custom translations, such as replacing the word ‘tickets’ with ‘passes’
Customization icon
Customized and styled
Create event experiences in a language of your choosing
Checkmark icon
Clean user experience
Escape the clutter of seeing multiple languages side-by-side!

Dynamic Custom Translations

Unlike other applications where you must manually translate dynamic content, like session descriptions, speaker bios, and exhibitor descriptions, PheedLoop allows you to translate anything using dynamic custom translations!
Translate anything from individual words to titles and paragraphs for content that’s generated by you
Create a clean and professional experience by skipping bloated interfaces showing multiple languages at once
Cater to all events with global audiences and regional language requirements
Free to use!

Real-Time Captioning

PheedLoop has teamed up with several partners for you to drop in any widget you want for real-time captioning, whether it be manual or machine generated!
PheedLoop's real-time captioning feature within a livestream on the virtual portal
Get human-generated or machine-based captioning in any language that you like, specific for virtual and hybrid events
Use our captioners (coming soon!) or third-party captioners
Benefit from captions showing up right below your stream source
Supported for all video streaming services: our native Meet & Stream, Zoom, SimuLive, and any other third-party integrations

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More than 4,000 organizations, including Shopify, IBM, Microsoft, and NASA, have adopted PheedLoop to take their events to new heights.

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