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Engage Virtual Attendees Anytime, Anywhere With PheedLoop’s Streaming System

Stream your event with no stress using PheedLoop: choose from our native Meet & Stream platform or any third-party integration, such as SimuLive or RTMP, to extend your reach!

Two astronauts talking to each other on PheedLoop's livestreaming system.
Trusted By 4,000+ Companies Since 2015
meet & stream

Meet & Stream - Our Native Streaming Solution!

Meet & Stream is PheedLoop’s all-in-one streaming system and is the top choice chosen by our users. Known for its built-in excellence, Meet & Stream elevates your streaming experience without using third-party integrations.

A laptop displaying PheedLoop's streaming system.

Panoramic portal

Make your livestream engaging with the virtual event portal - gallery view, screen sharing, live chat, polls and Q&A
PheedLoop's streaming system next to a coin and play button.


Enjoy our pay-as-you-go pricing model for streaming with unlimited free testing
An astronaut with a dog on her shoulder talking on PheedLoop's streaming system.

High-quality video

Access high-quality streaming with automatic recording, low latency, and an integrated backstage for your speakers 
Advanced Streaming Potential

Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)

PheedLoop seamlessly integrates RTMP into our platform, allowing you to effortlessly connect your custom video production streaming software and elevate your streaming experience!

Use your professional setup and stream directly from the platform via an enterprise-grade RTMP ingest
Get all the benefits of using Meet & Stream, including free instant recordings, low latency, and unlimited free tests
Supports multi-streaming to various platforms, including social media channels and YouTube
Leverage popular tools like OBS, StreamYard, vMix, Restream - all are supported and integrated within seconds

Seamless Streaming With SimuLive!

Experience stress-free live streaming with SimuLive, exclusively on PheedLoop - the only platform offering unlimited free streaming for event planners!

A desktop displaying two astronauts talking to each other on PheedLoop's streaming system.
Upload icon.

Upload pre-recorded videos

Allows your pre-recorded videos to look like real-time live streams - totally indistinguishable and seamless
Globe icon.

Reach attendees across the globe

Synced across all time zones and allow attendees to join any session at any time
Gear icon.

Flexible and simple

Supports ability to switch between SimuLive to True Live with the touch of button
Paper plane icon.

Let us take the wheel!

Leverage autopilot mode to sit back and relax while PheedLoop runs your streams for you
Free to use!

Expand Your Options with PheedLoop's Versatile Integrations

Choose from our native integrations or seamlessly incorporate your preferred custom software for streaming. The possibilities are endless!
Enjoy seamless Zoom meetings and webinars integrated within PheedLoop
Optimize streaming management as you no longer need to leave the platform to attend a Zoom meeting and webinar
Embed Vimeo Live, Click Meeting, YouTube, ON24, and much more!
Customize and style third-party streaming options to match your unique event
Supports custom software for breakout rooms, attendee engagements, etc.
advanced streaming options

Go Beyond The Basics With Our Advanced Streaming Options

PheedLoop offers a range of built-in features designed to enhance your streaming experience, going far beyond the basics to ensure it's as awesome as possible!

Apply custom designs

Apply custom designs (backgrounds, overlays) to streams inside PheedLoop to match your brand, promote sponsors, and convey information

Custom captions and text

Have captions and custom text flowing at the bottom of your stream, no matter what streaming option you’re using

Multi-language support

Get real-time human translations in multiple different languages through seamless integrations

Record sessions

Turn on record mode to record sessions within the platform for free using Simulive!

Hear From Our Customers

More than 4,000 organizations, including Shopify, IBM, Microsoft, and NASA, have adopted PheedLoop to take their events to new heights.

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