Seat Plan system

Simplify Seat Planning With Industry-Leading Automation

Manually figuring out where attendees sit is in the past. PheedLoop’s Seat Plan system makes everything digital, simple and automated to help you take your trade shows, award shows, banquets and galas to the next level!

PheedLoop's seat plan feature using drag-and-drop motion.
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Seat selection portal

Seat Selection Portal &

PheedLoop’s Seat Selection Portal is a dedicated interface that gives attendees access to their seat plan to see where they are sitting

Manage seat selection for attendees and process last minute requests within seconds
Stay on track with seat planning with our easy-to-understand visual interface
View it on any device - the Seat Selection Portal is web-based!
Seat selection is based on ticket holders, allowing planners to reserve entire tables and assign individual seats
Use PheedLoop Go! to scan tickets, confirm seating arrangements, process dietary restrictions, verify information, etc.
Advanced analytics System

Reporting, Analytics And Notification Tools

As an event planner, tracking real-time analytics for your event, especially when it comes to seat planning, is crucial. PheedLoop has all the tools you need to ensure you can track, report and analyze your event in real-time!

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Instant reporting

Report on who’s checked in, who’s supposed to be seated, where they’re seated, how many seats are still available, etc. in an instant
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User-friendly platform

Leverage our user-friendly platform and allow attendees to stay updated on where they’re supposed to go 
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Real-time notifications

Send real-time alerts to your attendees, giving specific instructions on where they need to go
Learn more about Reporting & Analytics

Interactive Seat Plan Builder

Having a seat plan you can rely on is kind of a big deal when it comes to running any large-scale event. Unlike other platforms that use third-party integrations, PheedLoop’s Seat Plan system is built right into the platform so you have everything you need all in one place!
Drag-and-drop graphics to easily customize your seat plan
Add custom graphics and themes to promote your brand and highlight event sponsors
Reduce the number of file downloads as the Seat Plan Builder is fully built-in to the web
Make last-minute changes that sync and go live in seconds with our customizable interface

Real-Time Management

Traditional third party platforms have long lead times to make changes and reflect updates - not with us! PheedLoop makes it significantly smoother to manage your seat plans so that you can focus on your event and not have to worry about the technology.
Make changes on the fly - add, remove, block tables and change seats instantly!
Access real-time visual cues on what your seat plan looks like
Control whatever you need, whenever!

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More than 4,000 organizations, including Shopify, IBM, Microsoft, and NASA, have adopted PheedLoop to take their events to new heights.

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