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December 9, 2021
Product Updates

Announcing Native Support for 15 Languages in PheedLoop Go! + Support for Inuktitut

Announcing Native Support for 15 Languages in PheedLoop Go! + Support for Inuktitut

Hey planners! We’re excited to share a massive update with you about how PheedLoop is taking multi-language access to a whole new level.

Our mission to make events accessible manifests itself in so many different ways for us, here at PheedLoop. From lowering the cost barrier as you’ve seen over the years (including last week’s announcement of our free tier), to leading the industry with accessibility features so that PheedLoop is an enjoyable experience for everyone, making events accessible matters a lot. Today we're proud to announce that PheedLoop Go! (our new mobile event app for on-site and hybrid events) is also being powered by our advanced multi-language translation system, and that we will be releasing Inuktitut as our next supported language!

The Status Quo

One of the most significant deciding factors for event planners when they choose PheedLoop over another platform is multi-language support. PheedLoop supports over 15 languages natively in its key attendee interfaces, for free. The status quo for event technology platforms seems to be one of the following:

  • Not offering any built-in multi-language capabilities whatsoever
  • Offering a very limited set of options while forcing planners to put the second language in-line with English, making the user experience feel cluttered and translations not seamless
  • Charging event planners an arm and a leg to build custom software and implementations, or for advanced multi-language features (we strongly believe charging to make events accessible for more people is wrong)
  • Requiring attendees who communicate in different languages to use exclusive and isolated apps compiled for their preferred language

How We Do Things Differently

At PheedLoop, we’ve invested heavily in making multiple languages available natively while also making it highly customizable. Here are some of the things we do differently:

  • Entire interfaces are translated for you in different languages, not just bits and pieces. We strive to translate every pop up, button, instructional text, label, error message, and more. Not just the basics like menu items.
  • We allow planners to completely customize our built-in languages. Regional differences in dialects (or sometimes small mistakes on our part) lead our planners to want to make changes to our language packs.
  • We allow planners to translate dynamic text. The furthest platforms other than PheedLoop tend to go with translations is translating static built-in text like buttons and labels. But what about speaker bios, announcements, sponsor profiles, etc.? If you’re tired of stacking paragraphs of text in multiple languages to create the infamous Great Wall of Words, know that with PheedLoop you can translate cleanly formatted (i.e. no rich text HTML) blocks of dynamic text as well as static text. This will help your attendees truly feel at home in the language of their choice.

PheedLoop Go! Now with Free Native Multi-Language Support

As our planners know, we launched PheedLoop Go! earlier this year as we sunset EventBuddy. PheedLoop Go is constantly being developed into the most robust hybrid and on-site mobile event app ever, with a year of massive feature development and innovations on the horizon in 2022.

It only seemed natural to bring our industry-leading multi-language capabilities to PheedLoop Go, so we did. Now you can select from the same set of languages and also use custom translations. The beta version of our advanced multi-language support in PheedLoop Go is already live, and you can expect major improvements with translations and coverage over the coming days and weeks.

Announcing Support for Inuktitut

PheedLoop’s major attendee portals currently support the following languages: English, French (Français), Afrikaans, Arabic (عربى), Chinese (中文), Danish (Dansk), German (Deutsch), Hindi (हिंदी), Indonesian (Bahasa), Italian (Italiano), Japanese (日本人), Russian (Pусский), Spanish (Español), and Turkish (Türkçe).

As our planners know, PheedLoop is a proud Canadian company with a massive global reach - hence the dedication to multiple languages. As Canadians, today we’re proud to announce that we will be including Inuktitut as our next supported language, and the first event technology platform to support an Indigenous language. Inuktitut is one of the primary Inuit languages of Canada. You can expect to access this language early in the new year.

Next Steps

With a platform as comprehensive as PheedLoop, we are always working on bringing that functionality to more of our interfaces (e.g. OnSight for on-site check-in and printing). Not only that, maintaining so many languages natively takes an immense amount of effort and precision, especially when we do it for free and even more so when you couple that with the pace of new product development at PheedLoop. We’re working hard to release full coverage in PheedLoop Go within the coming days and weeks, and constantly refine the translations. We greatly appreciate it when our planners reach out with their suggestions.

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