Deeply embedded in every step of your attendee's PheedLoop experience. Create actual event app engagement, build a community.

Chat, Book

Note Taking

Live Polls,



Automated Event App Promotion

Events are used to low event app engagement, but we say no! PheedLoop is so deeply integrated with your entire event experience, and takes an automated, multi-channel approach to constantly promote your app.

Instant Deploy, Maximize Attendee Success

Because your app is live as soon as you launch your event with PheedLoop, your attendees start benefiting right away. From private messaging and engaging in discussions, to booking meetings and building their schedules!

Take Live Interaction to a New Level

From live polls, asking questions in real-time, and scheduled push notifications, to feedback, event feeds, raffles, and interactive floor plans, PheedLoop helps you create memorable attendee-centric event experiences.

Monetize Your App, Promote Sponsors

PheedLoop opens lots of new ways to promote your key stakeholders, from premium profiles and reserved ad spaces, to push campaigns and more. PheedLoop helps you draw more revenue to your event!

Deeply Integrated with Every System

What makes this event app so powerful is the fact that it is directly embedded in every PheedLoop system and draws attendees in at every turn. From registration and speaker portals, to email campaigns, your app is everywhere.

Customize the Heck Out of It!

Custom graphics and colors are just the start. Add all sorts of extra resources, pages, and links to ensure your event app stands out and reflects your brand beautifully. And our designers are always delighted to lend a hand!

Event Application FAQs

Which platforms are supported?

PheedLoop's event app operates uniformly across all web browsers (desktop or mobile), and any Android/iOS compatible device.

How long does it take to go live?

Your event application is ready to go instantly, there is no delay at all. The goal is to create event app engagement months, not days, before your event.

What kind of networking features are there?

PheedLoop's event app allows attendees to chat privately, join public discussions, book meetings, and scan badges of fellow attendees to connect and network.

Is there any additional cost?

None at all. PheedLoop does not sell add-ons, for one price you get everything PheedLoop has to offer. Most companies charge more than PheedLoop just for an event app.

How long is my app live?

The default is one year after your event, then attendees will not be able to find your event in the app. You can remove it at any time yourself, or request an extension.

How can I promote sponsors?

There are at least a dozen high visibility opportunities to promote your sponsors, and our team will help you set them all up. Selling ad space in your app is a great idea.

Can I take notes in the app?

You bet! Notes can be taken at any time on an attendee's personal notepad, and they can be shared or exported to PDF at any time.

Are there any analytics?

Yes! Track, in real-time, engagement and download statistics to optimize your app. And we're always adding new ways for you to measure app performance.